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Md. Naim Hasan Student
Jun 29, 2022
In Travel Forum
If you want to target customers who are ready to buy, you need to cater your content toward those with high purchase intent. A customer with high purchase intent is actively seeking to purchase a specific product or service. More times than not, they just need to be guided on which one to go with. These pieces of content are SEO rich with high intent keywords, so you know if someone is clicking on the link, they are very likely to make a purchase. You can bring in high intent buyers to your site by old picture restoration creating content like product reviews, product round-ups, articles comparing two or more products, or creating a tutorial using the product you wish to sell. Below I share these 3 methods you can use to target customers with high purchase intent through your content. Product Reviews Writing information-rich detailed product reviews is one of the best ways to target high intent buyers. These customers are very low on the marketing funnel, and all you need to do is present them with the solution they’re already decided to buy. You can use product reviews to guide them to purchase from you instead of your competitors. They already know the kind of product or service they’re looking for. Now they just need the extra details and answers to their questions to make that purchasing decision. When you review a product, be sure to include details like overall satisfaction, pros, and cons and answer any frequently asked questions. Another great way to really sell the product is by pointing out how the product benefits the customer or how it makes their job easier.
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Md. Naim Hasan Student

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